From its very beginning, the Isis Ltd. Company has been insisting on high quality of service and our line of products
  According to the European Union quality expectations, the Isis Ltd. Company has been certified and operates according to ISO standards.
  The Isis Ltd. Company operates following the internationally accepted standard ISO 9001:2008 – Quality Management Systems. Our most important goal is to provide full satisfaction to our most demanding clients.
The proof of our goal fulfillment is the internationally recognized certificate IQNET of which our company is a proud recipient.

In its effort to provide the best service and line of products, the Isis Ltd. Company exerts and follows all national level standards, SRPS ISO 9001:2008, as well as the existing legal regulations.

In this way, we insure to our clients that they are using the services and the products of the best quality. The proof of our goal achievement is the domestically recognized certificate JUQS of which our company is a proud recipient.
Isis Ltd. is recognized by its clients as the company that provides high-quality products and excellent service. Our goal is to be the leader in providing best service and products, along with being a socially and environmentally responsible company.

From its very beginning, the Isis Ltd. Company has had a vision of achieving a status of the leader in the market. We insist on improving our own and market’s standards through sharing and implementing our experience and ideas, and, therefore, set new target goals for the overall market.

Given the continuous technological improvements and constant raise in our clients’ expectations, our idea is to be the first to adopt and implement change in order to preserve our high performance excellence, fully satisfy our client’s needs, and enter new, prospective markets.

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